Seven Shitty Things Latest News Headlines For Today Have Done

Seven Shitty Things Latest News Headlines For Today Have Done in 2015 Throughout the course of the year, the news headlines have brought us several things to worry about. From the latest news on the Greenpeace plan to plant a flag in an African nation to the New England Patriots’ use of underinflated footballs, these seven stories are sure to occupy your attention.


Aylan Kurdi’s death galvanized public opinion

During the second half of 2015, the death of Aylan Kurdi had a dramatic impact on the refugee crisis in Europe. It also galvanized public opinion across the world. This article explores how the photo of the dead boy has become an iconic image of the refugee crisis, and explains how it changed the way the world saw the crisis.

The photo of Aylan Kurdi was published in hundreds of media outlets across the world. The image was taken by Turkish press photographer Nilufer Demir. The photo is stark and shows the boy’s lifeless body lying in the sand. It also shows the grim-faced policeman carrying the body.

ISIS expanded its footprint across the Middle East

During the year, ISIS expanded its territory beyond its self-declared caliphate to other countries. In Iraq, the Islamic State seized Mosul, the city of Kirkuk, and the oil city of Qaraqosh. They also took control of the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra and the Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus. In Libya, ISIS took control of the city of Sirte.

In Saudi Arabia, ISIS claims responsibility for the attack on a Shiite mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia. They also claim responsibility for a deadly suicide bombing at a luxury hotel in Tripoli, Libya, and a series of car bombings in the capital of Sanaa. They also claim responsibility for a suicide bombing on the Nakheel Mall in Baghdad, Iraq, which killed more than 200 people on a busy shopping street.

A llama escapes from a Phoenix assisted living facility

Having a llama in Sun City, AZ has suddenly become a social media phenomenon. It all began with the tweeting of an Arizona senator and a local TV station. The llamas were captured after an hour-long chase.

The two llamas escaped from an assisted living facility in the Phoenix suburb of Sun City. The animals were brought to the facility as therapy for elderly residents. They were scheduled to visit the residents on Thursday. They were part of a trio of visiting llamas.

The llamas were on their way to do patient therapy work at the facility, when they decided to take off. A woman in the facility called 911, and the llamas were then captured. The llamas were then taken to a trailer for transport to their new home.

A saltwater cowboy defends himself from accusations of stealing from partygoers

Considering the myriad of oysters abound on this island of promise, it’s not surprising that the lucky few nabs the lion’s share of the good stuff. Aside from the pixies and the ete ete, this is a high alpha male dominated town. Luckily, a plethora of high class restaurants are aplenty. Of course, not all restaurants are created equal. The following is a brief list of the most highly sought after eateries in the area. Of course, if you’re on the run and need a bite to eat, you’re more likely to hit the nearest one than the other one.

The New England Patriots were accused of using underinflated footballs

During the January, 2015 AFC Championship game, the New England Patriots were accused of using underinflated footballs. These footballs were tested at halftime and found to be underinflated by one to two pounds per square inch, or PSI. Using underinflated footballs was a known ploy of the Patriots, as they have been accused of cheating on at least one other occasion.

In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, the Patriots largely evaded questions about the investigation. However, they decided not to appeal the penalties, which could include the loss of two draft picks.

Rachel Dolezal’s misrepresentation of her race

During a recent interview on NBC’s “Today” show, Rachel Dolezal was asked whether she is black or white. Dolezal walked away from the question, but did not deny that she is black. It is unclear how Dolezal came up with the answer. She is also not in contact with her biological parents, as she has an ongoing lawsuit.

Dolezal’s story has caused a national debate on race, gender, and voting restrictions. Some have called her story an example of white privilege, while others have criticized her for putting on a black-face performance.

Greenpeace plans to plant flag for the future

Earlier this year, Greenpeace announced a campaign to plant a new flag at the North Pole. The flag will not be a national flag but a joint commitment to protect the region. The Greenpeace campaign will also focus on the UN resolution on a global sanctuary around the pole.

Greenpeace has conducted several actions in Asia, including a Car Free Day in Hong Kong, where 20,000 people participated. The campaign urged people to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and use public transport. In the wake of the magnitude 8.0 earthquake in Sichuan, Greenpeace sent four rapid response teams to the region.

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